Review Touro Mobile External Hardisk 1TB

Hello everyone. Last week, i decided to buy an external hardisk to help me copy my data from office computer to my private laptop at home. So i start to search best valuable external storage from local online shop market,, and i found TOURO Mobile 1TB with very very cheap price. It’s only IDR 630k. Compared to other brands with same capacity, it is cheaper IDR 150k-200k. Not bad huh :P. Let’s take a look

touro mobile 1 TB
touro mobile 1 TB
inside the package
inside the package

Okay, I got 1 external hard disk, 1 usb 3.0 cable, and two confirmation letters. Hard disk case made from plastic material, with black color. Not bad la, since it’s the cheapest in the market. By the way, Touro is product from HGST, Hitachi Group Storage Tech, supported by Western Digital, so i hope it will have good endurance.  PS: They give me 3TB Cloud Storage too, i will talk about it later 😀



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